Gearing up...

At the end of the month, I'll be bringing some older work, overstock inventory, and some mighty fine framed work to Kalamazoo, for the Art Fair Garage Sale. For more info, check out the Garage Sale page...

Early in April, Ridgleand MS hosts the Ridgeland Art Festival and in May, I'll be at Brookside, in Kansas City, again. Yay! After that, the show season takes off more.

I wasn't able to get to Florida or Texas this season, and am taking time for personal projects, like the "Stories Told in Things Left Behind" hard cover book. Details...

Keep tabs on my upcoming shows...

Some new posts in a new blog

Read about Life As An Itinerant Artist, in the new and improved blog! Some thoughts on recent shows, and a peek into the backstory of a traveling photographer. I just got back from three weeks in South Dakota and Wyoming, and will have some new images to share with you. Read more...

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Thank you for being a part of my community and for the friendships new and continued throughout the year.

-- Jim

February 2019


In an earlier life as an art director, I loved creating slice of life vignettes for our clients. Designing the lighting, creating the story and finding the props to make it all come together was all part of the game. Spring Dress

Spring Dress

The lighting and the sets for this shot were created from scratch, including making the wallpaper by hand.I learned to cut out a dressmaker's pattern, and the old Singer still sews a straight line. Grandma Lewandowski's thread and scissors complete the picture.

The Right Word

The Right Word

The Right Word is one of a new series illustrating avocations and aspirations. We all have interests aside from our work, although sometimes our work is tied to our hobbies. If you have a special interest or vocation, ask me how I can help YOU tell your story, with custom imagery, framing, or book design.