Where will I be next?

You've got a few more opportunites to see what new places I've photographed in the past year. As August begins, catch me in Fine Art at the Village, right at home in Rochester Hills, August 5-6. Later on in the month, I'll be in two Colorado shows, and then back in Michigan to close out the season.

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Some new posts in a new blog

Read about Life As An Itinerant Artist, in the new and improved blog! Some thoughts on recent shows, and a peek into the backstory of a traveling photographer. I just got back from three weeks in South Dakota and Wyoming, and will have some new images to share with you. Read more...

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August 2017

Leave A Light in the Window

Leave a Light in the Window

This image was shot in Sims, ND, in a pouring rain storm. When I got back to the studio, I had some fun with the sky in post production to get the dramatic composition you see here.



I was in the Black Hills two snowy winters ago, when I shot this lonely old house by the side of the road near St. Onge, SD. I'm in the Hills again, and hope to have some new images from there, as well as some other great pictures to share with you in the upcoming months.