Stories from the Past

A little background on the name dakotakid might be in order here. When I was working for William A. Robinson in Chicago, in the mid-seventies, CB radios were all the rage. You remember CB, right? Citizen's Band radio, the one the truckers use? "We Got Us a Convoy"? No?

Well, anyway, all the art directors at Robinson got CB radios so we could talk to each other on the way to work. You might say it was the ancient precursor to the chat room. When I got my CB, I needed a handle. So, being a Western ranch kid, I chose DakotaKid as my nickname. And that's how the DakotaKid got his moniker. And no, I don't have anything to do with the sunflower seeds.

Historical context is a site that combines stories of the Black Hills with adventure tales from the trail. It was built a while ago, and hasn't been kept up, but you may find some of the historical photography interesting, if you have an interest in the West. It also provides some insight into our family history. And being from a family of historians, that's important. screen shot

Hiking and climbing

Lest you think I'm all about history and dry dusty roads, the site does have its moments. And it also has a few good old photographs that haven't found their way into the show bins. Yet. If you want to find out how I managed to downclimb a mountain with just my pants and a camera strap for a rope, that's there too.

Enjoy. Here's the link: