The Design of this site

It took three years for me to finally get around to refreshing But it's so refreshing to get it done! A lot like cleaning out your closets. An opportunity to get rid of stuff you don't really like. Put a fresh coat of paint on the bunkroom walls. Vacuum the carpet. You know what I mean.

Nuts and bolts wise, I use basic tools -- Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS. If you like the way this site looks, maybe I can help you with your site, or your branding. Give me a call. Advice is free.

Just in case you're wondering...

If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that my logo says "parkerparker :: design | photography". Just what does the "design" part stand for?

triangle and t-square

Well, for starters, my degree is in Visual Communication. That covers a lot of ground, including a background in advertising, graphic design, interactive work and a whole slew of inter-related disciplines. I've been called a Renaissance Man, back in the day, when I was teaching thirty art directors how to use the Mac.

But what makes design important to me, is how it affects our everyday lives. It surrounds us, from the clothes we wear, to the commercials on television (that is if you don't TiVo them out), to our furniture, our cars, and yes, our art. Good design makes us feel good. Good design makes things work better. And if that sounds a bit like design evangelism, well, it is. I think we all should have well-designed things in our lives. That includes beautiful art, but it also includes well-designed Web sites and marketing communication. And it definitely includes well-designed images that we admire and aspire to.