Naming Conventions

I often have a tough time coming up with names for things. The titles of the images that seem so effortless sometimes don't suggest themselves until long after the shutter is opened and the image comes rolling off the printer.

In the case of "Edge of the Sky", I've talked about the dividing lines in my work to many people. I tend to look at how things are assembled or how they fit together; sort of an engineering point of view, hierarchical in nature. Robert Pirsig discusses this eloquently in his book Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".

Pointing my camera at seemingly immutable landscapes provides a fractal variety of endless change, illuminated by sunshine, weather and emotions. Labeling the edges of things helps to define what was undefined during the making of the photograph, and closes the circle, sometimes in humorous ways, sometimes prosaic.


A Dividing Line

I've divided this gallery into sections, as it represents one main body of my work -- the boundary between earth and sky. You can also use the drop-down menus to view these galleries.

Olmstead Point


Black and White


A Sacred Place




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