Here are my picks for the top twenty-five art festivals in the US. I haven’t participated in all of them, but I’m working on it. Primary criteria for this ranking is based on overall attendance, ambience, artist treatment, sales and ease of doing the show.

  1. Cherry Creek Arts Festival – Denver, CO
  2. Sausalito Art Festival – Sausalito, CA
  3. St. Louis Art Fair – St. Louis, MO
  4. Plaza Art Fair – Kansas City, MO
  5. Main St. – Fort Worth, TX
  6. Art on the Square – Belleville, IL
  7. Coconut Grove Arts Festival – Miami, FL
  8. Artisphere – Greenville, SC
  9. Des Moines Art Festival – Des Moines, IA
  10. Krasl Art Fair – St. Joseph, MI
  11. Old Town Art Fair – Chicago, IL
  12. Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival – Winter Park, FL
  13. Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Tampa, FL
  14. Dogwood Arts Festival – Atlanta, GA
  15. Lakefront Festival of the Arts – Milwaukee, WI
  16. Ann Arbor Street Art Fair (The Original) — Ann Arbor, MI
  17. Bayou City Art Festival – Houston, TX
  18. Mainsail Art Festival – St. Petersburg, FL
  19. Port Clinton – Highland Park, IL
  20. St. James Court Art Show – Louisville, KY
  21. Cain Park Arts Festival – Cleveland Heights, OH
  22. Gold Coast Art Fair – Chicago, IL
  23. Boca Museum of Art Fine Art Festival – Boca Raton, FL
  24. Birmingham Fine Art Festival – Birmingham, MI
  25. Walt Disney Festival of the Masters – Lake Buena Vista, FL

If I’ve left off any good ones, leave a comment!