Jim Parker at work

Jim Parker at work

Hi, and welcome! Some of these posts originally appeared on my blog at mac.com, and have been transferred over here in an effort to consolidate my many Web sites. A little bit about me: I’ve been a creative person all my life, starting when I was a little tike. My father, Watson Parker, gave me a camera and a roll of film, and offered to have it developed when I was done shooting. My mother, also a photographer, gave me lots of encouragement and training in the other arts — she made me play the trombone!

My name? Jim Parker. Alias dakotakid, curmudgeon, artiste, and a lot of other things. In this site, I’ll present not only my work, but also some of the thought processes that go into it, and into the grueling new lifestyle I’ve so willingly embraced: that of the itinerant artist, or traveling art show photographer. I’ve learned a lot from friends, from other’s web sites and postings, and from talking to many others at shows, most of whom were willing to share their experience with me. For that, thank you. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give some of that back as I go along.

Please feel free to drop me a line anytime. This blog is moderated, so you may not see your post for a while. You can also email me at info@parkerparker.net, or call the studio line at 248-229-7900. And I hope to see you on down the road.

Happy Trails!

Jim Parker 1/6/2007