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Booth Sign Redux

I use a simple sign printed both sides on aluminum, hanging from the awning support. It’s small enough to be unobtrusive, yet visible from several booths away. I use a couple of lengths of hardware chain and zip ties to fasten it. Quick, durable, doesn’t blow around in the wind, and is waterproof. This shot […]

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Another new bin

After observing that my big rolling bins made it hard for shorter people to view the vertically oriented 16×20 matted prints, I came up with a new design that allows them to be displayed and transported lower to the ground. This design is similar to the box that Larry Berman describes on his site, artshowphoto.com, […]

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Booth Signs

A lot of artists use big vinyl or canvas banners stretched across the front of their canopy. These signs, while large, aren’t as effective as they could be. They block the flow of air into the roof vents, sit above the awning, and most importantly, are parallel to the flow of traffic on the street. […]

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The standard answer to this question is, it depends. The canopy walls themselves won’t hold any pictures. You need an internal wall system of some kind: mesh walls, grid wall or carpeted panels, such as ProPanels or Armstrong Gallery. The best way to figure this out for your configuration is to do a “planogram”, or […]

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