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Am finally getting caught up on my backlog of work, and am happy to report that I’ve got my two pieces for the first Twitter140 Art Show ready to ship down to Flagstaff for the first gallery show. It’s a great concept. Get a bunch of talented artists together who’ve never met physically, and let […]

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Gallery Wraps — extending the image

In my earlier post on gallery wrapping canvas prints, I describe how to stretch the print on the stretcher bars. But how do you get maximum image impact out of an image that doesn’t really have enough image to wrap around the edges of the frame? There are two ways to handle this. The first […]

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How to frame a canvas print

Gallery wraps and more… First you need to decide if you are going to put it under glass, or mount it to canvas stretchers. The mounting style will determine your framing options. Putting canvas under glass sorta negates the advantage of printing on canvas, although I have seen it done. You can then just cement […]

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