Subject and Content

My stock library contains over 20,000 images, not including older work that has not been scanned and converted to digital content. The subject and keyword list is designed to provide you with a broad look at the types of images I shoot and have on hand.

While I specialize in three broad areas -- Western landscapes, urban architecture and "designed" images, I do shoot on assignment and sometimes will shoot on spec, if the subject interests me, or if I am in the area and can cover it effectively. Many times my clients have given me wonderful ideas for locations and places to go that have resulted in beautiful images. Some of those are represented in the galleries here. The nebraska/dakota gallery, for example, was suggested by an art show acquaintance.



General Subjects:

Agriculture, Bridges, Black Hills, Backpacking, Cities, Energy, Europe, Flowers, Ghost Towns, Highways, Historical, Landmarks, Nature, Outdoors, Parks, Patterns, Scenics, Skies, Textures, Transportation, Tropical, Water, Wildlife, Skylines

Detailed Subject List:

Ahern Pass, Ahern Peak, alfalfa, Alpine Lake, Ambassador Bridge, Antelope, architecture, Aspen, Aspen Tree, Atsina Falls, autumn, Backpacking, Backroads, Badlands, Bales, Banff, Baron Divide, Beaches, Beartooths, Belly River, Big Ben, Bison, Black Elk Wilderness, Black Hills, Bluewater Bridge, Boats, Boulders, Bridalveil Falls, bridges, British Columbia, Bruce Peninsula, building, Cabins, California, Canada Violet, Canoe, Cathedral Spires, Cats, Cattle Queen Creek, Cave Point, Chapel beach, Chicago, Chief Mountain, Chipmunk, City Lights, Cliffs, Climbing, Cloud Sculpture, Clouds, Clover, Colorado, Columbian Ground Squirrel, combine, concert, Cornfield, cornfield, Cosley Lake, Cows, Cramer Lakes, Custer State Park, Dandelion, dayhikers, Deadwood, Desert, Detroit, Devils Tower, Diamond Head, Dogs, doors, Ducks, Dunes, Eiffel Tower, El Capitan, Elephants Perch, Elk, Elkhorn Mountain, England, Evergreen, Fall Color, False Solomon's Seal, farm, Farm Machinery, Fields, Fifty Mountain, fire tower, Fireworks, Fishing, Floe Lake, Florence, Florida, Flower Pot Island, folksinger, Forest, Forget Me Not, France, freedom, Garden of the Gods, Geese, Geyser, Glacial Silt, Glacier National Park, Glenn's Lake, Grain Elevators, Grand Portal Point, Grand Teton, Grand Tetons, Granite, Granite Park, Haleakela, Half Dome, Half Dump, Halfway Point, Hanauma Bay, Harney Peak, Hawaii, Hay , hay, Height, Heyburn Mountain, Hibiscus, High Dump, Hiking, Hill City, Hill City, Horses, Horsethief Lake, Iceberg, Iceberg Peak, Iceland, Icelandic Ponies, Idaho, Illinois, Inspire, Italy, Joklasel, Jokulsarlon, joy, Kansas, Kauai, Kayak, Ke'e Beach, Kiawe Tree, Killpecker Dunes, Kootenai Lakes, Kootenay, Kootenay, Lake Agnes, Lake Louise, Lake St. Clair, Lanai, Landmarks, Lansing, Leaves, Leges, Lembert Dome, Lighthouse, Lions Head, Livingston Range, Log Cabin, London, Lonely, Ludington Beach State Park, machinery, Manitou Island, Marmot, Marsh Marigold, Maui, Michigan, Michigan Avenue, Midfelsegg, Millenium Park, Miners Castle, Mining, Mokowanis River Valley, Mono Lake, Montana, Moose, Mosquito Beach, Mosquito Falls, Mountains, Mt. Cleveland, Mt. Grinnel, Mt. Kipp, Mt. Rushmore, Mt. Wilbur, Mule Deer, Musee d'Orsay, musician, Napili Trail, Napoleon's Tomb, Needles, Nelson Creek, New York, New York City, Night, Nordhouse Dunes, Norway, Numa Pass, Oahu, Oceans, office, Old Faithful, Open, Outhouse, Pactola Reservoir, Paiota Falls, Palmer Creek, Palmer Gulch Lodge, Paris, Pass Creek, pavilion, People Mover, Petroglyphs, Pictured Rocks, Pika, Pine Creek Natural Area, Pine Tree, Pisa, Pontevecchio, Port Huron, Prairie, Pritzker Pavilion, Privy, Pyramid Peak, Railroad, ranger station, Rapid City, Red Rocks, Redfish Lake, Renaissance Center, Reykjavik, risk, risky, Rivers, Rock Formations, Rockerville, Rocks, Saddleback Peak, sailboat, Sailboats, Sailing, Salmon River, San Diego, San Francisco, Sandy Beach, Sawtooths, Sevy Peak, Shepard Glacier, Shipwreck Beach, Silver Sword, singer, skyscraper, South Dakota, soybeans, Space, spring, Spruce, stage, Stoney Indian Peak, Stony Indian Pass, Storm Point, Streams, Street Life, summer, Sunflower, sunflowers., Sunsets, Swans, Swiftcurrent Pass, Sylvan Lake, Tarn, The Temple, Tiger Lily, Tobermory, Tracks, tractor, Trail, Trains, Travel, Trees, Tumbling Pass, Turtle Beach, Vermont, View, Vista, Waikiki, Walking, Waterfalls, Waves, West, Whitetail Deer, Wild Mules, Wild Places, Wind, windows, winter, workers, Wyoming, Yellowstone, Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park